The Cheesy Face™ brand was birthed out of a frustration. The frustration of feeling there was more to offer this world than what we were currently giving. Once we began talking about our passions and living with purpose, the excitement began to swell as our faces lit up with big smiles.

Cheesy Face™ is next level excitement mixed with a little bit of corny! A feeling we’ve termed EXOCITED. It’s letting your guard down and enjoying the moment. It’s the physical evidence of happy and elated feelings that can’t be suppressed.

There’s nothing new about being excited but we created a clothing brand that embraces showing and sharing that excitement. And not just any excitement!

We believe action is a big part of Cheesy Face™. The ability to do, to work, to achieve, to dream. Not just in the realms of a job or profession but excitement in anything one seeks to accomplish. Whether big or small!

It’s that simple! We want our clothes to bring big smiles when worn. Whether you’re relaxing at home from a day of being great or hanging out with friends. Your excitement will not only show on your face but also on what you’re wearing. When asked the reason for that undeniable smile, you’ll have a reason to share.

Cheesy Face™ . Show it! Wear it! Share it!

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