In this first Issue I introduce the concept behind "mikastamp". My vision of creating a meaningful clothing brand and my art collection "Liquidity" that is completely dedicated to bitcoin.

this website and products are built to be explored and interact with through bitcoin sV, THE COMPLETE VERSION OF BITCOIN THAT CAN DO EVERYTHING FROM STORING DATA SUCH AS PHOTOS, VIDEOS, MUSIC, WEBSITES TO MICRO PAYMENTS ANYWHERE IN THE WORLD INSTANTLY. most of the data on this website such as photos, music and videos are casted directly from bitcoin without any local servers storing the data. IT IS A TRANSPARENT WORLD ECONOMY THAT IS UPON US that can create global balance and peace. i hope to contribute by using and interact with as many bitcoin projects services as POSSIBLE to create a wholesome ecosystem. Mikastamp is my PIECE OF contribution and determination TOWARDS THAT complete ecosystem. I am looking forward to connect with you on top of bitcoin and build a better world!

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