How to access our services

we use a micro payment solution to provide seamless user experience. the user pay per read instead of monthly subscriptions. It is fast, secure & instant access to your paid content through the swipe of a button.

How to pay for...

Blog post

We accepting payments through Moneybutton & Relayx To read our blog

Money button

Art "Moneybutton" by Christian Godin

we use Anypay  & STRIPE to process our payments. Any of the following mobile wallets will provide you a seamless checkout at our online store. credit cards are accepted as well.

Other wallets also accepted are centbee, simply cash & moneybutton

Tokenized assets

NFT (Non-fungible token) 

We provide NFTs to customers that add their money button paymail at checkout.  Only 1 token is issued/artwork. If you re-sell your physical product(artwork) don’t forget to sell it with the NFT it is the proof of ownership.